Brian Foutty: Independent App Developer


I am a high school math teacher with 19 years of classroom teaching experience. I have been teaching math at the Trumbull Career & Technical Center since August 1995. I started developing mobile apps in 2010 because it was a personal goal of mine that has grown into a way for me to provide my students and my wife’s kindergarten students (as well as many other children) with a 21st Century classroom experience by giving them access to the classroom material anywhere and at any time the child wants to or needs to learn something. My first app (Foutty math 2) was published in the Apple App Store in June 2011. Since that time I have developed a new version of that app, now called iFouttymath, as well as 9 more iOS apps. In October 2012 I developed and published my first Android app. All of this work, as well as some other efforts, has allowed me to earn recognition as an Apple Distinguished Educator in 2013.

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